Functional TPU Film


VENTWIN® & H-VENTWIN® Film developed by our company is the product which is excellent
in the functions of Damp Penetration, Damp Proof, Wind Proof and Warmth Keeping.
This product is otherwise called as breathing film. We may say this is the product which is most
proper to today’s clients’ trend who are searching more light and multi-functional fabric

Kind of Product

Product Color Density Size Width Usage
VENTWIN® Translucent 87A 0.01 ~ 0.1mm Maximal 1700mm per thickness
(Width adjustable)
Damp penetration/Water proof pressure (10,000/10,000) Laminating functional film for sport wear, out door
H-VENTWIN® Translucent 82A 0.01 ~ 0.1mm Maximal 1700mm per thickness
(Width adjustable)
High damp penetration=Damp penetration/ Water proof pressure (15,000/10,000) High functional sport wear, Laminating high functional film

All products may be applied to the holding sheet production (PE) and various colors are available.
[Damp penetration/Water proof pressure] are the results according the test ASTM E 96 : 1995 / ISO 811(E) : 1981 respectively.

Application section